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An Organization That Prevents Suicidal Thoughts in Ohio

What and where we help

The goal of our organization is to preserve the mental health of our co-existence of all ages. We do research, and we do not expect people who are in depression or a poor mental state to contact us than we are looking for.

What and where we help
  • Social cases – people who have lost all who barely survive do not see more meaning in life and probably think of suicide. We are here to explain to them that the whole world is not finished and that there is still hope

  • School – we all know that peer violence affects children, the cause of those who are in puberty. That’s why we regularly go to school and talk to children and support them.

  • Anonymous groups – and we are involved here in helping people who are not in a bad mental state to avoid depression.

How to treat depression?

If for this step you can find support and adequate treatment you can stop depression and take your life into your own hands. The doctor will ask you about the symptoms and suggest some blood tests or urine tests see if any other disease causes the symptoms that you have. Drugs for the treatment of depression include many types of antidepressants and mood stabilizers. They can help to lift mood and ease grief and eliminate the feeling of hopelessness.

How to help someone who is suicidal?

Signs that show somebody planning suicide are pulling into themselves, grief, the absence of social contact, such people verbally express problems, they say they want to kill themselves. In the case of suicides, there is a period of preparation and rarely occur in effect, this can happen only to someone who has the potential to kill, and this is about a current crisis such as a loss of a close person. A person should go to a psychiatrist to start treating medication and go to a psychologist to start psychotherapy.

How to help someone who is suicidal?

Everyone is separate for himself

Each person is a separate individual for himself. Everyone has some kind of life story. Whether these small or large traumas certainly affect the human psyche and lead to a depressive state. Everyone seeks solace in something. A very small percentage of people who suffer from depression commit suicide; they turn to some addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling. Anyone who is next to you must have the greatest support when it’s hardest. This must be mutual.

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